This method returns details about a business.


Name Input Value Type Description
business_id Integer (Optional) ID Number of the business to return details for. To return details for multiple businesses, call this method once for each business. Default value is the business of the logged in user.
operation_id Integer (Optional) Default value is the business operation membership of the logged in user, or the first operation membership found for the passed business_id if the business_id parameter is set.
withdescriptions Integer (Optional) When non-zero, more details of the business are returned, including contact information and description. Default value is zero when not passed.
tentative Integer (Optional) When zero, the currently active business information is returned. Business information set requests (business-info-set) are moderated and need to be approved by an operator of the central database. To return the most recently submitted information, which may not have yet been moderated, pass a non-zero value to this parameter. Default value is zero when not passed.
format enumeration (optional) Set this value to "xml" for XML raw formatted output, "xml-clean" for XML tidy formatted output or "json" for JSON formatted output. If not passed, "xml" is used as a default

XML Encoded Request

URL Encoded Request