This method searches for clients owned by the logged in user's business with the passed search criteria. Only matching clients that have made a booking at the logged in user's business or have been added by another user of the same business will be returned. If no search criteria is specified, all clients associated with the business will be returned. If the user is not logged in using rxc-session-login, this method will fail.


Name Input Value Type Description
member_code String (Optional) The member_code of the client record to retrieve. If logged in as a business employee, the member_code parameter is optional and can be passed from the client application to filter the matching client records. If logged in as a member, the member_code corresponding to the logged-in user is used and can not be overridden by the client application.
last_name String (Optional) Last name of the client.
first_name String (Optional) First name of the client.
city String (Optional) City of the client's address.
postal String (Optional) Postal/Zip code of the client's address.
phone String (Optional) Phone number of the client.
rez_number String (Optional) Reservation number for a reservation made by the client.
email String (Optional) Email address of the client.
active_only Integer (Optional) When non-zero, only clients with an active membership are returned. Default is 1 (only active clients)
member_type_id Integer (Optional) If active_only is non-zero, the client must have a membership of this type. Default is 0
department_id Integer (Optional) If non-zero, only the clients belonging to this department will be returned. Default is 0
format enumeration (optional) Set this value to "xml" for XML raw formatted output, "xml-clean" for XML tidy formatted output or "json" for JSON formatted output. If not passed, "xml" is used as a default

XML Encoded Request

URL Encoded Request