This method will save gl number information.


Name Input Value Type Description
gl_group_id Integer This specifies which version of the gl we are saving. Right now only 1 and 2 exist.
gl_type_id Integer This specifies if we are saving the Revenue or Expense gl type.
operation_business_id Integer This is the operation business we are saving for.
prod_group_id Integer This is the prod group id we are saving.
product_id Integer This is the product_id we are saving depending on the value in gl_table.
gl_number_ids String This is a CSV of gl_numbers we are saving.
percentages String This is a CSV of percentages we are saving.
fees String This is a CSV of fees we are saving.
format enumeration (optional) Set this value to "xml" for XML raw formatted output, "xml-clean" for XML tidy formatted output or "json" for JSON formatted output. If not passed, "xml" is used as a default

XML Encoded Request

URL Encoded Request