This method will update product information.


Name Input Value Type Description
business_code Integer This is the business we are updating the rez fee policy for.
mod_time Timestamp This is the modification time of your data so we can verify it hasn't changed since it was downloaded.
rez_fee_policy_id Integer This is the unique identifier of the rez fee policy we are updating.
label String (Optional) This is the label of the rez fee policy we are updating.
description String (Optional) This is a description of this rez fee policy.
advance_num_of_day Integer (Optional) .
apply_after_tax Integer (Optional) .
apply_length_of_rez Integer (Optional) .
apply_type_id Integer (Optional) .
open_date Integer (Optional) .
close_date String (Optional) .
flat_rate_round_method_id String (Optional) .
flat_rate String (Optional) .
flat_rate_time_period_id String (Optional) .
made_by String (Optional) .
minimum String (Optional) .
percent String (Optional) .
format enumeration (optional) Set this value to "xml" for XML raw formatted output, "xml-clean" for XML tidy formatted output or "json" for JSON formatted output. If not passed, "xml" is used as a default

XML Encoded Request

URL Encoded Request