This method will add a new unit to the business logged in.


Name Input Value Type Description
type_id Integer This is the unique identifier of the unit type we want this unit to be added to.
open_date Timestamp This is the start date that this unit is open each year.
close_date Timestamp This is the close date that this unit is closed each year.
label String This is the label given to this unit.
long_name String This is the long name given to this unit.
room_cleaned Integer (Optional) This is a flag that specifies if this unit is cleaned or not.
ext_number Integer (Optional) This is an extension number of this unit.
description String (Optional) This is a description of this unit.
grid_position Integer (Optional)This is the grid position we want this unit to be displayed.
capacity Integer (Optional) This specifies whether or not we need to run the types.fix_all_capacity process after the unit add is complete.
meter_ids String (Optional) This is a CSV of meter ids we want to assign to this unit.
length Integer (Optional) This is an length of this unit.
width Integer (Optional) This is an width of this unit.
height Integer (Optional) This is an height of this unit.
depth Integer (Optional) This is an depth of this unit.
format enumeration (optional) Set this value to "xml" for XML raw formatted output, "xml-clean" for XML tidy formatted output or "json" for JSON formatted output. If not passed, "xml" is used as a default

XML Encoded Request

URL Encoded Request